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Table numbers

Rachd, yesterday at 1:37 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 3
Is anyone NOT doing table numbers and a seating chart? We are having a small-ish ceremony/reception, around 55-65 people, all of which will be family and close friends so other than having 2 tables reserved for wedding party and parents I don't really see the point of telling everyone else where to sit. I want everyone to enjoy themselves so I want them to be able to sit with whomever they will enjoy conversing with for the evening....


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    Even with a smaller guest count, I would recommend having assigned tables. Guests aren't good at seating themselves and as a result you'd have to provide extra tables and chairs. You also could have guests moving things like plates, utensils and chairs to create their own tables or some guests seated alone whereas other tables are overcrowded.
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  • Rachd
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    Ahhh I didn't even think about that, thank you
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  • MOB So Cal
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    I agree with pp. Even with a "small" group of people who know each other, they are not going to efficiently seat themselves into groups of 8 or however many your table size requires. It truly is MUCH better that you figure out which table to seat people at and let them know the expectation with a table chart or escort cards. Without assigned seating, some venues actually require the customer to plan for up to 25% more space/seats/placesettings/etc., because people will do weird things.

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