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Design and Make Your Own Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes

A wedding needs a perfect wedding gown and also a pair of beautiful wedding shoes to be completed. However, a right pair of wedding shoes may not be available anywhere. Designing your own wedding shoes may cross your mind when you can’t get the shoe you are dying for. If you have got an inspiration and creativity, you can definitely make your own wedding shoes for your own wedding.

With the advance technology we have today, you can carry the design work easily even you are not a designer. Use your creative side to come up with distinctive and innovative designs. Who knows you can even market your shoes after your wedding day? Walking around in a customized pair of wedding shoes isn’t just for celebrities anymore because now you can do it online easily. Many websites offer flash application online for you to customize your shoe’s color, styles, and sizes. They can then make the shoe according to your design and deliver to you.

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So, how to start then? Let’s start with the shoe type. Ballet flats, flat sandals, and mid heels are perfect for girls who doesn’t have tall husband. But if your husband is way taller than you, high heels or extra high heels can be your first choice. Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s wedding? Kim isn’t tall but her husband is, a pair of high heels could definitely make the scene look nice. The next thing to do is the material of the shoes. It has to be comfortable because you are going to wear it ONCE and wear it for the entire day. Wedding day is once in a lifetime, choosing a comfortable material is essential.

Last but not least, the color! Blue, Purple, Red, Gold, Pink, Silver, Orange, Teal, Torquoise, Navy, Yellow, or White are all up to you because this is your own shoes. You can also make it sparkly with some diamonds. From color to texture, you can put on any designs you want because it is going to be one-of-a-kind works of art that no one will be wearing on their wedding day. All it takes is time, effort, a computer and a mouse. Have you spark any ideas to design your own wedding shoes?